Room to Grow - Building an enlarged Worship Centre and a new Community Hub for Creekmoor

Christ Church is the church in the middle of Creekmoor. 

We have provided support and activities for the local Community for over 30 years.

We have listened to the people of Creekmoor who have told us about the unmet needs of the community for families with children of all ages, young people, the isolated, vulnerable, elderly and those struggling with depression and dementia. 

Our response, the 'Room to Grow' project extends the church to provide an improved Worship Centre and the new Community Hub - 'The Place' to help meet these needs.

This will offer additional community facilities support and activities for the people of Creekmoor regardless of their beliefs.

New activities include... a daily community cafe, an afternoon drop in, dementia cafe, after school clubs, parenting classes for children and teenagers, single parent drop in, youth chill out sessions and a community space.

Will you help us fight loneliness and isolation in Creekmoor by helping to fund the new Community Hub?

The current fundraising total is £700.0000 which is 78% of the way to our total of £895,000

Phone: 01202 267427                                                 (Room to Grow tab)