At Christ Church we are committed to relationships…real relationships with God and with other people. People like to worship God in different ways and therefore we provide three different styles and acts of worship each week to suit everyone's needs. We are totally committed in enabling people to grow closer to God and in their relationship with Him.

breakfast@9 9.00am

Breakfast@9 is great for families and anyone who wants to enjoy breakfast and a fun, full packed, punchy service! We start at 9am, with breakfast around large long tables (you can choose from bacon butties, croissants, pain au chocolat, and cereals with a choice of hot and cold drinks drinks. (lasts for 15 minutes). Then we clear all the breakfast stuff away and get ready to worship by singing a couple of songs with musical instruments! This is followed by a short prayer and then we invite people to dress up and act out the bible stories (it’s great fun). Someone will spend 5 minutes telling us what the bible story meant and then we have a craft activity and make something connected to the story or play a fun game or activity. We then have a short time of prayer which can be done in all different styles and we finish by celebrating people’s birthdays and anniversaries by singing ‘happy birthday’ and they receive our very special ‘pot of bubbles!’ At the very end we have an action song, taken from youtube, and we have a collection towards the work of the church and a prayer of blessing. This service ends at 10am on the dot so you can carry on your day with plenty of time to spare.

encounter 10.30am

Encounter starts at 10.30am and is a reflective style of worship. Everything is displayed on our large projector screen and we have large printed service sheets available for those who struggle to read the screen. We also have a loop system for those who are hard of hearing. Encounter lasts for about 1 and 1/4 hours – 1 and 1/2 hours. The service begins with welcoming everyone and then we sing 3 worship songs. This is followed by a couple of prayers. We then have 2 bible readings and a talk lasting around 10-20 minutes explaining about the reading and what it means. There will then be prayers of intercession (praying for our world and other people) and depending on the service, we will have Holy Communion (taking bread and wine – or receiving a blessing) or a time of ministry (playing a song and praying over people). A collection will be taken during the final hymn/song and a final prayer of blessing will be prayed. People are welcome to stay for a good quality cup of coffee or tea and some cake afterwards and its a great opportunity to chat and get to know others. We love having visitors and new people joining us and you are so welcome!

engage 6.45pm

Engage starts at 6.45pm for drinks and a chat and the main service begins at 7pm. This is a cafe style service which is very ‘chilled’ and a great opportunity to get close to God! There are hot drinks and snacks at the tables to the side which you can visit anytime during the service. There are round tables with chairs around and rugs and bean bags/cushions at the back (if you fancy really chilling out). We have low lighting and candles on tables and a very relaxed atmosphere. Some parents come to Breakfast@9 and then come back to ‘Engage’ to receive time for themselves. The service starts with a welcome and a long block of worship (usually 5 songs) which is great for receiving God into your hearts, this is followed by a bible reading (this can be a long one!) and then someone will talk about the reading which usually lasts around 15 – 20 minutes. There may be discussions during the talk or after on your tables (or mats and beanbags). There will then be a time of intercessory prayer (praying for our world and other people) and some time of prayer for ourselves. Sometimes there is Holy Communion (receiving bread and wine or a blessing)in which case the worship will be spread out with less songs at the beginning, but a couple during Holy Communion. A collection will be taken towards the work of the church and there is a chance for people to pray for each other at the end.

Other Services


If you are interested in getting married at Christ Church or you would like information about our wedding services please contact Janice on 01202 389751.

Banns of Marriage are usually published on the first 3 Sundays of the month (2 months before the wedding month e.g. January for a March wedding).  To arrange an appointment to complete your Banns of Marriage Application Form either telephone  01202 389751 or email Janice.audibert@ntlworld.com.

At the appointment please bring with you the fee of £40, either in cash or a cheque payable to ‘Christ Church’, along with a means of identification i.e. a passport or photographic driving license.

Infant Baptisms

Because we really care about you and your family, we think it’s important to prepare for infant baptism, to learn what it’s all about before making those all important promises on your child’s special day.

After speaking with Janice, usually what happens next is we arrange a time to meet and leave you with a DVD to watch about Infant Baptism.

After, we arrange a 3-week course where we explore in more detail what infant baptism is all about. This course is vital and must be attended before we book in a date for the baptism.

If you would like your child to have an infant baptism, please contact Janice on 01202 389751 to arrange a time to meet.



Please join us every Monday (except Bank Holidays) for Holy Communion in the church from 9:30am – 10am.


Morning prayer takes place on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9am – 9:30am. All welcome.

Can’t join us for prayer?  Don’t worry you can still send your prayer request to us in confidence and we’ll include this in our communion time of prayer when we next meet

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