perfect for busy families, people who like cafe, lots of action

Starts at 9am and  ends at 10am

with breakfast included!

Breakfast@9 is great for families and anyone who wants to enjoy breakfast and a fun, full packed, punchy service!

We start at 9am with a continental style breakfast.

At 9.15am breakfast is cleared away and we get ready to worship.

We begin with a couple of worship songs and a short prayer.


Then we invite people to dress up and act out the bible stories (it’s great fun).


Someone will spend 5 minutes telling us what the bible story meant and then we have a craft activity and make something connected to the story or play a fun game or activity.


We then have a short time of prayer which can be done in all different styles and we finish by celebrating people’s birthdays and anniversaries by singing ‘happy birthday’ and they receive our very special ‘pot of bubbles!’


At the very end we have an action song, taken from youtube, and a prayer of blessing.


This service ends at 10am so you can carry on your day with plenty of time to spare.

Why not come along and see what it's like! Everyone is welcome! 

You can see what we get up to on our Facebook Page click here

We are sorry, but in order to stay safe, we are unable to serve breakfast or drinks until further notice.
Please eat your breakfast before you arrive and bring a drink with you using a 'keep cup' with lid and a sealed cup for your child. 
Please keep your cups near you, to avoid another child picking it up and drinking from it.
We will still meet at 9am as you will be asked to wash your hands when entering the building and also when you leave.
Thank you for your support at this difficult time!


Christ Church Creekmoor

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