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A letter from Janice (altered and updated)

What a mixture of emotions we are going through right now!  Deep joy and great excitement with the near completion of our amazing new building alongside  concern about the spread of the Coronavirus and how it may affect us all.

We are living in turbulent and unusual times and many things can feel out of control.  The scripture I keep returning to is this:- Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever more (Hebrews 134:8) our priority at this time is to keep on routing in prayer and the truths that we read in scripture.  We know from all that we have journeyed through as a church over the last few years that Jesus has never let us down. Our lives are firmly rooted in God and he will be with us through the turbulence and the uncertainty.


 We  are putting in place a system of P.O.P. ministry (Pastoral on Phone) so that we can support and care for our older and vulnerable church family and to care for those who have to self isolate. I will be working with our Lay Pastoral Assistants, but I would like to hear from you if you would be prepared to help by phoning people or getting shopping for them.  We must NOT visit those who self isolate but we can shop and leave it at their front door.

 We are thinking of ways to go live with prayer teaching and worship through social media.  If you have good ideas on this please let me know.

 Jean and I are available to chat over the phone and pray with any of you especially if you feel really worried about all that is going on.


 Our church building is truly amazing and it would be great if we could just concentrate on our success in pulling off this amazing project, however, the Church of Christ Church Creekmoor - ie all of you (alright, us) is bigger and more amazing than the building.  We have always pulled together through many crises and I believe that we will pull together through this one.

I will be checking the guidelines regularly and making further changes as necessary.

Prayer needs to be our priority and my regular prayer is that the Lord has mercy on our World.  This virus, as with all sickness is never from God it is clearly the work of the enemy who want to seek to steal and destroy life but we know that Jesus came that we could have life and life in all its fullness.  So we pray for that fullness of life right now for each other, to our nation and for our broken world.


Revd. Canon Janice Audibert


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With the latest news from the Prime Minister, we are sadly unable to meet, and celebrate, in our new building together. However, church isn't all about the building, it's about the people within it!

In fact, this is a great time for looking outwards and not just inwards, as we discover skills of using media which we may not have ever  known we had! With live streaming, Facebook groups and video conference calls, there's no end to what we can do to share God's love and word with each other.

Janice is providing live messages and updates on Facebook and Jean is providing prayer support too. We will continue to produce Worship through media each Sunday, which will take on different forms as we journey in time.

The one thing that we can hold onto within all this, is that our world is constantly changing, but our God always stays the same. God is our rock, our fortress and our stronghold, and our help in times of need. Keep praying, keep trusting and believing in Him because all things are possible.