10am and online

 SUNDAY 17th October

The Bible Series: 2. Origins and Meaning

Genesis 1:1-5,26-28
Genesis 3:1-15


Join us on a Sunday morning in our church building.

We are a very friendly church and love people coming to join us!

Everyone worships together at the beginning of the service, with the children and young people going into their own special groups, where they can receive age related teaching and grow in their ministry too! They will re-join the rest of the congregation for communion and for the last song.

Our worship style is modern, (we do not have many hymns) and we just love coming together to worship God to the full!

We are continuing to try and keep people safe by continuing to social distance our seats, although you can move your seat closer to someone you feel safe with. 


Wearing a facemask is optional.


We look forward to seeing you! Everyone is welcome! 

(If you're not sure whether to come along or not, why not take a look at our style of service on YouTube at Christ Church Creekmoor! If you're still not sure... just remember that every person in this church has stood outside, wondering what it will be like and whether they will fit in!! Oh yes! We've been there!!! So don't be shy, we are very friendly and you will be made very welcome! Come and test us out! We won't be offended!!)


See you soon!


Joining in

the service

Children and Youth 

Raising up a new generation!

Children and young people matter a great deal to us at Christ Christ Creekmoor!

We have 3 groups which are age related, so that the children can grow as well as the adults each week. 

seedlings logo.png
 2 - 4 year olds,  meet in chapel area and enjoy visual bible story, simple craft, toys, books and prayer
little roots logo.png
5 - 10 year olds,  meet in cafe area and enjoy age related bible story, craft, discussion, games and prayer.
Rooted logo.png
11 year olds plus,  meet in upper room and enjoy age related bible story, craft, discussion, games and prayer.

The children will worship with us for the first song and then go off to their groups, where they can have fun learning about that week's theme and then join us for either Holy Communion (2nd and 4th Sunday), or the final song. 

Everyone is welcome, please contact Miche (Children, family and youth co-ordinator) on 07791539646 for more details.