videos of live worship and prayer

Joining together through media

We are trying to find ways to keep in contact visually, using media. Just click on the links below to see what has been recorded so far.

men standing strong together

Our first and last service in our new building on Sunday 15th March 2020
Our first live service in the building with no congregation on 22nd March 2020. We reached 213 people on Facebook whilst it was being aired!
Our first live service at the vicarage on 29th March 2020. 
Palm Sunday on 5th April 2020. 
Click here for our Easter Services
Sunday 19th April 2020. 
Sunday 26th April 2020. 
Sunday 10th May 2020
Sunday 17th May 2020
Sunday 24th May 2020


Christ Church Creekmoor

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