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2 Samuel 1 - David mourns for Saul

It speaks well to the character of David that when he learns of the death of Saul and Jonathan, he mourns.

Throughout David's life he has not sought the throne. While he was in the service of Saul, David followed the orders he was given. And it was because of his close relationship with God that he knew the path he should take, and saw success in the things that he did. It was Saul who grew jealous and attempted to kill David, on several occasions.

There have been moments of reconciliation between the two, when David came forward after moments when he could have killed Saul but chose not to, because Saul was God's anointed, and David respected that. But then Saul turns on him again, and again. David spends most of his time, while Saul is King, on the run.

And yet David mourns for Saul.

So, what about today's reading?

Well, first of all he orders that the guy claiming to have killed Saul (quite likely in the hopes of gaining favour with David) be put to death. This man has claimed to do what David himself would not do - killed God's anointed.

When David hears of the death of Saul and Jonathan (whom he thought of as a brother), he mourns them with the lament of the bow, a song or a poem, expressing his sorrow. And he ordered that the men of Judah be taught it.

Songs seem to be David's go-to when it comes to expressing himself. Instead of holding it

in, getting angry, or trying to ignore it, David lets out his feelings in the way that comes best to him - through verse.

How do you express yourself when you are feeling low? When something crappy happens to you, or to someone you love? I think we can learn a lot from David here; Not necessarily that you should grab a guitar and start singing, but to find some way to express what you are feeling: write it down, sing a song, have a conversation, paint a picture.


Thank you Lord that you are with us when we experience times of sadness. Please help us to express how we are feeling, and to find your peace when we are not feeling peaceful.


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