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2 Samuel 8 - The Lord gave David victory

There doesn't seem to be much new to say about this Chapter. We have seen that David is successful, and that God is with him. But, I think we need to look at it in the light of chapter 7.

David got it into his head to build a "home" for God. He was living in a fine building, and he felt that God should live in a fine building too. However, God tells David not his job to build the house, and He goes on to talk about how it will be built by one of David's line (a prophecy about Jesus).

Does David complain? Does he decide to go ahead with it anyway?


David spends time in conversation with God (are you seeing the running theme here yet?), thanking Him for the position that he is in, and for the word concerning David's descendant (Jesus).

OK. So that's the recap on chapter 7.

"But Edd, what has that got to do with chapter 8?" I hear you ask.

David has just spent time in conversation (prayer) with God. He had expressed a desire to do something, which on the surface seemed perfectly reasonable. Nathan (the prophet) had initially said to go ahead with it, until God gave him a word for David to leave it for someone else; David's response is to thank God for his position. And now we get a chapter on "David's Victories".

David didn't mope around, upset that his idea had been shot down. He got on with what he was good at, with what God led him to do. He experienced success after success, as it says "The Lord gave David victory wherever he went." (v6, v14).

Are we having that conversation with God? What does God want you to get on with? Where are you seeing "victory" in your life? Paying attention to the things that are going "right" can be a good indication of where God might be leading you.


Heavenly Father, thank you for putting me where I am, and for the successes I have experienced. Help me to have a conversation with You, to get to know you better.


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