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stuff for youth

Here's some stuff you may find helpful!

Have a listen to this song and take in the lyrics, as we'll be using them to go deeper, during our zoom meetings.
This is so good to listen to! Jon really relates to how we are feeling right now and offers some great advice. 
Jon talks truthfully about how he feels about lockdown, and how we can find true peace within it all. (Philippians 4)
Jon talks about the Psalms and how we can get wisdom from them
Check out this song by Love and The Outcome - THE GOD I KNOW
Here's the next one in our Jon Jorgenson series.  He's talking about Ezekiel in a refugee camp! Well worth watching! Enjoy!
Spring Harvest Youth Celebration Tuesday night 
Hi guys! Here's our Jon Jorgenson with a brand new series which helps us within lockdown and our current situation. He gives some really useful tips on how we can draw closer to God in these troubled times! Enjoy!
Spring Harvest talk for youth on  Peter in Acts 2
Hi guys! Hope you have had a first good day at home and are adapting to new life for the time being! I found this by our friend Jon Jorgenson, which is worth watching. Not sure how long it is, maybe 7 minutes!!! Enjoy watching and stay safe guys.   23rd March 2020
Here's a song to go with the video above. Sit back and close your eyes and just take it in!
Hey peeps! Hope you're having a good day! It's a new day, a new week and the weather is good! Here's another Jon Jorgenson video for you to watch which I find really helpful at the moment. It's all about worry and how we can draw close to God to overcome it. Give it a watch and see! Missing you lovely guys!! 30th March 2020
Hillsong - Love Won't Let Me Down song.  Even with everything that is going on, we can put our trust in Him, cos He won't let us down. God never changes!
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