Treasure Seekers

Online Easter Club

Starts on Tuesday 6th April to Friday 9th April

On Saturday 10th April, the children can bring their completed treasure forms to the church garden and receive their special certificate and choose their treasure!

This is going to be so much fun! Usually we would have an Easter Club at the church, but with Covid, we are unable to, but we can have fun getting out in our community and at home with

our fun stories, craft activities and activity sheets.

All you need to do is register your child/children online, and on Easter Monday you will receive a 'Welcome Pack' to Treasure Seekers, with a name bade, Treasure

Seeker Decoder (very important), Treasure Chest Answer Sheet and a craft template

to make Treasure Seeker binoculars. (you will need toilet rolls/ kitchen roll). We recommend printing these out on card if possible.

On Tuesday Morning at 10am, you will receive your first set of clues! You will need

to go out and hunt for the clues somewhere in Creekmoor, and make sure you take 

your Treasure Seeker Decoder with you and record the first part of the meaning of Easter on your Treasure Chest sheet.

In the email, there will also be a video story, craft activity and activity sheets, connected to the clue for that day. There's so much fun to have!

On Wednesday Morning at 10am you will receive your next set of clues for that day. Again you will need to go out and hunt for them and this time you will need a smart phone as you will be looking for QR codes. Just scan the code and the word will pop up and you can enter it the Treasure Chest answer sheet when you have the complete sentence! There will be another story and craft etc, connected to the theme that day.

On Thursday morning, you will receive another email at 10am, similar to Wednesday, so off you go hunting with the phone again!

On Friday Morning at 10am, you will receive your email and this time you will need

to use the 'Treasure Seeker Decoder' again!

When you have all the answers, and have popped them in to the Treasure Chest answer sheet, bring it down to the Church garden, on Saturday 10th April between 10am and 11.30am and the children will receive their very own Treasure Seeker Certificate and they can choose their tasty Treasure as a reward.

We hope you will have fun finding the Treasure! There is a QR code on the bottom

of each clue sheet to show you exactly where to go if you're not sure.

Treasure Seekers is completely free as Christ Church Creekmoor would like to bless

you and your lovely children.

So are you ready to sign up??

Just download the form and email it back to Miche at and you will be sent your welcome pack on Easter Monday, all ready for your busy week ahead!

If you need any more information, please email Miche (children, family and youth coordinator at Christ Church Creekmoor) at the same email address as above.

We look forward to seeing you on the Saturday with your Treasure Seeker rewards!

Please complete a form for each child becoming a Treasure Seeker. 


Christ Church Creekmoor

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