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rededication of building and recommissioning service

On the 4th October The Right Reverend Bishop Karen Gorham joined us for our Breakfast@9 and Encounter @10.30am Services, to rededicate our newly extended building and recommission us in our Ministry in Creekmoor and beyond.

We thanked Margaret and her husband Richard, who has supported her and spent many hours making a 3D walkthrough video of the build, Howard Cunnigham-Smith (Retired Fundraising Advisor) and Rev Canon Janice Aubibert and Associate Rev Jean Audibert, with pictures from the build.

Julia Baker from our congregation made this incredible cake. 

You can watch the video of the main service here



Tuesday's at 1 - 2pm (during term time)

PlayZone is a fun group for children aged 0 - 4 1/2 years old.

We have a Café area from 1 - 2pm which serves yummy homemade cakes and hot drinks all reasonably priced so you can treat yourselves.


There is a large play area featuring a large ball pool and slide and an assortment of toys suitable for all ages. We also have a baby play area.

At  2pm all toys are cleared away so we have a big space to sit in a circle for birthday time and our story time (when we often use puppets). All stories are based on the bible and are great fun especially with the puppets taking part!


We make a good quality craft activity afterwards that's connected with the story then clear everything away to provide plenty of space for our  sing and dance session with musical instruments and action songs.

We finish with a blessing song and a very short prayer.

This is an absolutely lovely, welcoming and nurturing group complete with fab Grandparents too! People come from all over to attend the group and we love to welcome new people! 

The cost is just £1 per family. Just pop along to join in the fun!

See our Facebook page at PlayZone at Christ Church Creekmoor. Click here to go there now

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breakfast@9 online

Join us for this fun all age service, with live worship, fun bible story, craft activity, short talk and prayers. It's perfect for families or people wanting an alternative service. 
Join us on our Christ Church Creekmoor Facebook Page, or on our YouTube channel at Christ Church Creekmoor at 9am for our live streamed service each week. 

join us on zoom  

Why not jump on Zoom afterwards at 9.30am and share a cuppa and chat with our Breakfast@9 peeps.


Be great to catch up!

Just pop onto Churchsuite and go to 'my groups' and click on Breakfast Zoom

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Praying for our


This week we are praying for Upton Road and Roberts Lane . If you live in one of those streets and have a specific prayer request for someone who is poorly, or struggling, or have lost someone special, please either email the church office at, or our vicar at 
Janice is also available if you are struggling and would like to talk.
If you pray, maybe you would like to pray for them too!
Check in next Thursday for the next streets!

Upton and Roberts Lane.jpg

join us on zoom  

Why not jump on Zoom afterwards at 11.30am and share a cuppa and chat with each other.


Be great to catch up!

Just pop onto Churchsuite and go to 'my groups' and click on Zoom B4 Noon

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Wendy and her team will be back on Thursday mornings selling plants outside the church from 10.15am - 2pm (weather permitting)
She has amazing knowledge of plants and will be able to advise you on what to buy.
Look out for our video on Facebook at
Christ Church Creekmoor every week to see
what she plants she has to sell that week.
You can pay by cash or card
Why not pop inside afterwards,
for a cuppa and cake or tea cake!

Go on! treat yourself!!!


alpha course online

Have you ever wondered why people follow God? Why they may seem different? What do they really believe in? What happens when we die? Who is God? Who is Jesus? What's it all about anyway??????? Questions, Questions!!

Well... on the Alpha Course, we LOVE questions. It's an opportunity for a bunch of people, (whether they believe in God and have a faith or not) can ask as many questions as they like (however silly they may seem or how intrigued you are) and it's a place to discuss the answers and try and understand what God is all about.

We are starting an online Alpha Course via Zoom, after Easter and would love you to join us! It will last for 10 weeks and will be on an evening each week. Don't worry! Anyone can join (even if you're an atheist). Everyone is welcome and we would love to show you through a series of everyday films what knowing God is all about.

Interested? We hope so! Then just simply message us through here, phone us on 01202 267427, or email at or contact us through our website at We would love to hear from you and get you started on the course. Everyone welcome!

POp up hub cafe coming soon!

We are finally able to open our NEW Hub Cafe!

We will be doing a simple pop up version with just drinks and a few refreshments to begin with. We shall be fully functioning in September (Covid permitting)

Join us on a Thursday morning 

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