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HUB Groups

Coming together during the week

At Christ Church we are committed to being more than simply a large group of people who gather on a Sunday.


We recognise that if we want to really grow in our Christian life, this happen best when we spend time with each other learning more about God and how we can be part of everyday life.


Our hub groups usually meet on a variety of weeknights and daytimes in various houses in Creekmoor, but are currently meeting at the church and dividing into our various groups.


Each time we meet we focus on;

  • Welcome

    • A time to catch up with each other over a cup of tea and a biscuit.

  • Worship 

    • A time meeting with God through music, reflections or in a variety of other ways.

  • Word

    • Looking at how we can grow as disciples of Jesus

  • Witness

    • How can we encourage and support others in their journeys.

If you would like to join a hub group or would like more information please speak with Canon Red.Janice Audibert

We are currently following the Wellbeing Course.

Have a look below to watch this weeks Hub video

The Wellbeing Journey – Part 6: Relational Wellbeing

The Wellbeing Journey – Part 6: Relational Wellbeing