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Breakfast@9 Themes

John 14:1-7

Sunday 2nd April

Palm Sunday

2nd April 23.png

Matthew 21:1-11

Sunday 16th April

Thomas doubts his friends

16th April.png

John 20:19-end

Sunday 23rd April

On the Road to Emmaus

23rd April.png

Luke 24:13-35

Sunday 30th April

I am the gate

30th April 23.png

John 10:1-10

Sunday 7th May

The Servant of All

7th May 23.png

Mark 9:33-37

Sunday 14st May

Breakfast on the beach

14th May 23.png

John 21:1-17

Sunday 21st May

Goodbye at Last (Ascension)

21st May.png

Acts 1:1-11

Sunday 28th May

Pentecost: The Helper Arrives

28th May 23.png

Acts 2:1-21

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