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Breakfast@9 Themes

John 14:1-7

Sunday 29th


Getting to know Jesus
Jesus Mission Statement

29th January 23.png

Luke 4:14-21

Sunday 5th February

Presentation of Jesus in the Temple 

5th February 23.png

Luke 2:22-40

Sunday 12th


A Child in the temple

12th February 23.png

Luke 2:41-52

Sunday 19th


Jesus is glorified (the transfiguration)

19th February 23.png

Matthew 17:1-9

Sunday 26th February

Jesus is tempted

26th February 23.png

Matthew 4:1-11

Sunday 5th March

The Secret Visit

5th March 23.png

John 3:1-17

Sunday12th March

The Woman at the Well

12th March 2023.png

Luke 2:15 - 21

Sunday19th March

Hannah and Samuel

19th March 2023.png

1 Samuel 1:1-3, 8-21

Sunday12th March

Back to Life (the raising of Lazarus)

26th March 2023.png

John 11: 1-27,38-44

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