Breakfast@9 Themes

Sunday 9th May

Peter’s New Tasks

 John 21:1,12-17

B@9 9.5.21.png

Sunday 16th  May

Good bye at last

Luke 24:50-53

B@9 16.5.21.png

Sunday 23rd May

The Helper Arrives!

Acts 2:1-13

B@9 23.5.21.png

Sunday 30th May

The Beautiful Gate.

Acts 3

_the beautiful gate 30.5.21.png

Sunday 6th June

On the road to Damascus

Acts 9:1-19.

6.6.21 B@9.jpg

Sunday 13th June

An angel sends Philip

Acts 8:26-40

13.6.21 B@9.jpg

Sunday 20th June

Tabitha Wakes up

Acts 9:36-42

20.6.21 B@9.jpg

Sunday 27th June

Compassion’ Sunday

27.6.21 B@9.png

Sunday 4th July

God has no favourites

Acts 10:9-23

4.7.21 B@9.jpg

Sunday 11th July

Praying for Peter

Acts 12:1-19

11.7.21 B@9.jpg

Sunday 18th July

The Earth Shakes

Acts 16:16-34

18.7.21 B@9.jpg

Sunday 25th July

Paul is Shipwrecked

Acts 27

25.7.21 B@9.jpg