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A time to reflect and meet with god

We are sorry, but in order to stay safe, we are unable to serve drinks and refreshments until further notice.
If you would like to bring a drink with you, please use a 'keep cup' with lid and keep it near you.
You will be asked to wash your hands when entering the building and also when you leave.
Thank you for your support at this difficult time!
Starts at 10.30am and usually finishes around 11.45am

Refreshments served afterwards and an opportunity to chat and grow relationships

Encounter starts at 10.30 am and is a reflective style of worship.


Everything is displayed on our large projector screen however large printed service sheets are available for those who struggle to read smaller print.


The service begins with welcoming everyone and a worship song.This is followed by a couple of prayers and we have another two worship songs. 


We then have 2 bible readings and a talk lasting around 10 - 20 minutes 


There will then be prayers of intercession (praying for our world and other people). 


On each 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month we have Holy Communion where you can receive bread and wine or a blessing. On the 2nd or 4th Sunday of the month we have prayer ministry where there is an opportunity to be prayed for individually. 


We finish with ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ and a final hymn/ song and a final prayer of blessing will be prayed.


People are welcome to stay for a good quality cup of coffee or tea and some cake afterwards and its a great opportunity to chat and get to know others.


Visitors are very welcome, why not come and see us!


Everyone is welcome!

Visit our Facebook page at Christ Church Creekmoor to see more. Please click here

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