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our core message to the community

Christ Church has served the community of Creekmoor for over 30 years but wants to be able to offer more!
We want a larger church building that will be used to provide for the needs of the local community in Creekmoor and help build community.
We asked the residents of Creekmoor what they thought were some of the needs of the area. This was their response:

Loneliness and isolation across all age group
Poor mental well-being (depression and dementia)
Age related conditions and lack of mobility
Lack of family support, split families and problems with teenagers

The aim of the community hub is to make Creekmoor an even better place to live and work by providing space for many additional activities and groups to help meet these needs. These include: A community room, parenting classes, dementia cafe, daily community cafe, after school clubs, and activities for the elderly, children and youth.

Christ Church currently serves the community by providing parent and toddler groups, a community cafe once a month, a drop in for the more mature amongst us, children and youth groups and activities.

Church Church also provide a space for external service providers to use the building for their provisions. Health visitors run a baby clinic so babies can be weighed and parents/carers find much needed support and information. The local girl guides also use the building for their groups and activities.

Over 50% of the 500 weekly visits are from community activities and it has now got to the stage were a bigger building is needed, as they are bursting at the seams.

The plan is to extend the Church building to include:

A Chapel for quiet and contemplation
A first floor meeting room with lift-access for Church and Community Groups.
A large separate area, suitable for cafe and extendable worship space.
A larger fully equipped  kitchen, suitable for cafe and catering purposes.
With all these additional activities, our visits could double from 500 people per week to 1000 people per week!

Our fundraising total at the end of May 2020 is.... 


which includes a £300,000 loan repayable over 20 years
Will you join us?

When you look back we have moved such a long way with God leading us step by step. We now realise that this vision we believe is from God will actually happen with His help.

Please join us on this journey of faith. The most important way everyone can help is by praying. There are prayer pointers on the weekly Notices and a prayer chain for prayer requests.

As we see money coming in we thank God for His provision and pray with expectation for the extension of this House of God in Creekmoor to better serve our local Community.

Could you help us financially? Do you have skills, contacts or ideas that God can use? Maybe you could help fund raise in various ways. Pray and see.

We continue to thank Howard Cunningham-Smith for his guidance and also everyone who has supported the project in any way and those continuing to do so.

Please keep praying. Let’s follow God – step by step. If you would like to find out more or if you feel you can help please contact us.

Charity no:1148672

pmn (2).jpg
Our building project has finally finished and we have an amazing new building to show you! 
Unfortunately, we moved back in just as Covid 19 happened and we went straight into lockdown.
We have managed to go back to socially distanced services and small prayer meetings, but we can't wait for the day when we can show everyone this new building and use it to it's full potential. 
Here are a few pictures of what it looks like now. 
Please continue to pray for us, and that we can find the rest of the money to pay for this amazing project, especially in these hard times. 


Christ Church Creekmoor

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