God’s vision for Christ Church, God’s vision for Creekmoor

Christ Church is the local Church serving from the heart of Creekmoor. We believe that by serving our community we can share with them the love of God and invite individuals on to a journey of faith of their own. Over recent years God has been leading us on a journey, sharing with us His vision to extend our building to expand our work serving our community. Isaiah 54:2 “Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes”

our core message to the community

Christ Church has served the Creekmoor community for over 30 years. Activities for children, families, young people, older people and those with special needs are available to all regardless of faith. Consultation with stakeholders showed the community’s 21st Century pressing needs we could meet if we had the space. Our solution, the “Room to Grow” project, extends our building to meet this demand for space. With others, we’ll offer solutions including a daily community café and drop in, dementia café, carers’ sessions, Pilates for the elderly and parenting classes. This new provision could double current visits to 1000 per week.

how can we not get excited?

At January 2018 the total stands at £700,000 which is a massive 78% of the way towards our budget of £895,000.


so what has happened in the last year?

The vision has been refined to provide a new Worship Centre and Community Hub for the people of
Creekmoor called ‘The Place’ with activities and support for people of all ages

The Talbot Village Trust granted us £100,000 in June

We shared our vision with those from the wider church who attended our Covenant service in
At the Community Get Together in November we shared our vision with representatives from 15
community agencies across Creekmoor
Room to Grow money boxes are now available
Our Major Donor campaign was launched in January
An amazing grant of £300,000 has been approved from Erskine Muton
26 Trust bids have been submitted with more being selected, with £22,000 coming in from this so
Discussions have been held with Poole CVS about business partnering
CAD plans have been drawn up by the Salisbury Diocese Property Department who will project
manage the
The Creekmoor Community joined us at our Big Celebration BBQ on Sunday 9th July to find out
how they can get involved in fundraising and/or in planning for and providing the new activities
The local Business launch was on 11th July and we are following up a number of business
The news of what is planned at Christ Church is spreading
See the vision come alive on the Room to Grow tab of the Christ Church website

what’s next?

We are inviting the Creekmoor Community and local businesses to join in the fundraising to create
the new Community Hub – ‘The Place’ for everybody in Creekmoor. Please pray and help support us in our fundraising events.  
We will start refining the building plans ready for the build

Trust applications are continuing.

will you join us?

When you look back we have moved such a long way with God leading us step by step. We now realise that this vision we believe is from God will actually happen with His help. Please join us on this journey of faith. The most important way everyone can help is by praying. There are prayer pointers on the weekly Notices and a prayer chain for prayer requests. As we see money coming in we thank God for His provision and pray with expectation for the extension of this House of God in Creekmoor to better serve our local Community. Could you help us financially? Do you have skills, contacts or ideas that God can use? Maybe you could help fundraise in various ways. Pray and see. We continue to thank Howard Cunningham-Smith for his guidance and also everyone who has supported the project in any way and those continuing to do so. Please keep praying. Let’s follow God – step by step. If you would like to find out more or if you feel you can help please speak to one of the team.

Janice, Bill Pipe, Keith Shelton, Martin Baker, Margaret and Richard Bossom

raising up a new generation