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Our theme this week is:

 The Earth Shakes 

Come along and have fun in this all age service.

We start at 9am with breakfast (please bring a cup with a lid and drinks bottles for your children) and enjoy toast and pastries.

The service begins at 9.15am with songs, bible stories, talk, craft activities and prayer.

We sit around long tables during the service and there is a play area for under 4 year olds, and baby mats near the back. We also have a special Lego table for those children who love building.


The service starts at 9.15am with a worship song, which is followed by a prayer. Then we have an interactive story time, with a short talk. Then we get creative and have a craft activity, which is followed by prayer time and end with a lovely kids action song.


It really is great fun and finishes at 10am, so it's perfect for busy families on the move!

So come along and join us! 

Don't worry! we are just a bunch a normal, people, who like to have fun, can be a bit nutty, but love worshipping God and being part of our church family. 



Come and try us out!! 

Everyone is welcome!

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