It's Easter Sunday!!!!!!

Today is Together@10 online!

This weeks drama story brought to you from             the the Barrett family

Craft Activity

Make an Easter card for a member of your family or next door neighbour.

Or make some Easter bunting to hang around your room.

When you've made your card, please take a photo and send it to children@christchurchcreekmoor.org so we can put them on our Breakfast@9 Facebook page and on this website.

Game - Egg rolling race

You will need: masking tape, solid eggs (wooden, chocolate or hard-boiled), wooden spoons.

  • Use masking tape to mark out lanes on the floor, for players to race in, and add start and finish lines.

  • Give everyone an egg and a wooden spoon. Ask the children to kneel behind the starting line, placing their egg on the line.

  • When the race begins, players use their spoon to gently guide the egg along their lane to the finishing line.

  • Players must remain on their knees and only tap their own egg.

  • The race works well as a relay race.

Let's Talk

with your child/children...

What was the most amazing part of the story?

How do you think you would feel if you were one of the women
who visited the tomb?

How can we share the good news that Jesus is alive?

with your young person/young persons

What sort of emotions did the two women go through during the course of the first Easter morning?

How do we share our own good news stories?

How can we share the joy of Easter in a world where news is driven by speculation and personal opinion?

Reflective Activity - Chocolate Prayers

Ensure each person has a foil-wrapped chocolate egg.

Unwrap your egg and carefully save the foil.

Now create a cross using the foil wrapper.

Reflect together on the journey from the cross to the joy of Easter Day.

This weeks activity sheet
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Our kids song
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Art Gallery from last week

Kacey and Charlotte made these lovely palm leaves last week.
Don't forget to send Miche a picture of your masterpieces to display here.

 Holy Week in a box!

We will be joining Revd. Jo, Taize and Ezra Haine (Janice and Jean's daughter and grandchildren), at St.Mary's and Emmauell Southill Church in Weymouth, as they lead us through Holy Week in a box! 
Take a look at the video and download the programme.
(Go to www.GodVenture.co.uk to download your Holy Week in a box for families programme or you can
Then collect your box,
Jesus character (playmobil, lego, duplo),
a green piece of paper or card,
3 chocolate coins, or real ones,
a cross (wooden, metal, pipe cleaner, sticks), piece of white cloth or tissue)
and you'll be all ready to go!! 
Follow them on YouTube under Emmanuel Southill each day, starting this Sunday at 4pm,
or pop back on here to view them after 4pm.


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