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 sunday services

we have two styles each week

Breakfast@9am in church

Encounter@10.30am in church and online

breakfast@9 at church

Although it is called Breakfast@9, unfortunately we cannot share any food, so please have breakfast before you come.


You are able to bring your own drink and please ensure you wear a mask.

Please book your table or individual seat through Churchsuite (available until Saturday evening) or email our office at office@christchurchcreekmoor.org before Friday evening of that week. 

We look forward to seeing you there!




Join us on a Sunday morning in our church building.

Don't worry! We have taken all precautions to keep you as safe as possible!


Seats need to be booked in advance, please book your seat using Churchsuite or email at office@christchurchcreekmoor.org, by Friday evening of that week.


Please remember to bring a face mask. We look forward to seeing you there!



Join us on our Christ Church Creekmoor Facebook Page, or on our YouTube channel ar Christ Church Creekmoor at 10.30 am for our live streamed service each week. 

Janice officially a cannon now!

Janice, our Vicar was installed as a Canon of Slate,  at Salisbury Cathedral this week.

We celebrated back in September 2019, when Janice was made a Canon, but she has had to wait until now to be officially installed. 

We are very proud of her and many have been blessed by her leadership here at Christ Church and will continue to be!


God bless you Janice!

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The Kingdom Come Prayer Journal is a lovely resource to use and is available from church or you can download one here

alpha course online

Have you ever wondered why people follow God? Why they may seem different? What do they really believe in? What happens when we die? Who is God? Who is Jesus? What's it all about anyway??????? Questions, Questions!!

Well... on the Alpha Course, we LOVE questions. It's an opportunity for a bunch of people, (whether they believe in God and have a faith or not) can ask as many questions as they like (however silly they may seem or how intrigued you are) and it's a place to discuss the answers and try and understand what God is all about.

We are starting an online Alpha Course via Zoom, after Easter and would love you to join us! It will last for 10 weeks and will be on an evening each week. Don't worry! Anyone can join (even if you're an atheist). Everyone is welcome and we would love to show you through a series of everyday films what knowing God is all about.

Interested? We hope so! Then just simply message us through here, phone us on 01202 267427, or email at office@christchurchcreekmoor.org or contact us through our website at www.christchurchcreekmoor.org. We would love to hear from you and get you started on the course. Everyone welcome!

Praying for our


This week we are praying for Creekmoor Lane and Honeysuckle Lane. We particularly pray for the Coop/Post Office, Creekmoor Plaice fish and chip shop, Little Village Chinese Takeaway and the Creekmoor Surgery. If you live in one of those streets and have a specific prayer request for someone who is poorly, or struggling, or have lost someone special, please either email the church office at office@christchurchcreekmoor.org, or our vicar at 
Janice is also available if you are struggling and would like to talk.
If you pray, maybe you would like to pray for them too!
Check in next Thursday for the next streets!

stuff online for kids and youth

Join our Children's team who created videos during Covid, for our families who come to TK CLUB and for Preschoolers and their parents. 

There's lots of fun, stories, craft, songs, games and prayers!



If you are worried or concerned about abuse there is always someone to talk to..

Janice our Vicar .... phone or text her on 07915072422
Peta our Safeguarding Officer.... phone her on 01202 389751
Suzy the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser ... phone her on 07500 664800
Jem (Jeremy) the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser ... phone him on 07469 857888

presenting our new and improved church!

creating a larger worship space and new Community Hub

We are very excited about our new extended church building and God has clearly been with us every step of the way!

Sadly, the Corona Virus hit, just as we moved back in, so we are still waiting to have our Grand Opening, to celebrate, and show people the amazing transformation.

Although we have our lovely new building, we have been on quite a journey with our 'Room to Grow' project, and we still need to raise money to complete the final touches and to pay for the building work itself.

If you could help in any way, we would be very grateful.

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