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Hello October

Leaves are turning and winter nights are looming, October must be upon us; here is a look at our upcoming services this month...Find out more

Alpha Course

We are starting a new alpha course at Christ Church next year. The Alpha course is a great opportunity to find out about the Christian Faith....Find out more

Room to Grow Fundraising

Come and join us for our Church Giving and Fundraising day, help us create the new community Hub - ‘The Place’ for everybody in Creekmoor...Find out more

A very proud moment!

We are proud of our Lay Minister Shirley Williams who was asked to preach at the licensing service of the new Lay Ministers at Salisbury Cathedral on Saturday 30th September. 

Many people have said what a brilliant preach she gave and one of the newly licensed Lay Ministers said that Shirley gave a 'cracking sermon'.

Well done Shirley!

“If you think you’re being called to manage a building project, pray lots!”
Margaret Bossom coordinates a major building project at Christ Church, Creekmoor on the outskirts of Poole.
“Creekmoor is a modern estate with about 6,000 people. It’s a very ordinary place. There is some poverty and nobody is very well-off. Loneliness and isolation can be real problems.
“Christ Church was built in the 1980s, but as the community has grown, it needs to also. We have a heart for worship and community service, but we don’t have the space to carry out all the activities we’re being called to do.
“Our worship space doubles as a hall, meaning we can only host one activity at a time. Our planned extra support for the community means we need to extend the church, and add an upstairs room. We’ve raised nearly £700,000 and have about £200,000 to go.
“In 1999, I felt God calling me to give up my then job in management in Barclay’s IT department. Soon, I had a chance to take voluntary redundancy.
“As a teacher, the teaching and preaching element of Licensed Lay Ministry appealed, giving me a chance to use my skills in a new way.
“My Mum had a stroke, so I had time to care for her, but also to become church steward and then administrator.
“My heart is still happiest when I help lead worship. That keeps it all real!”
Learn more about the Room to Grow programme at Christ Church, Creekmoor, on its parish website here.

Our amazing Margaret Bossom features in the latest edition of the Diocese of Salisbury Grapevine newsletter.

Margaret works so hard on the Room to Grow project along with her hubby Richard and really does do us proud at Christ Church.

Well done Margaret!

You're a star!

And thank you so much for all you do.

raising up a new generation