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2 Samuel 2 - David becomes King (a little bit...)

Saul is dead. This leaves the path seemingly clear for David to become the King. He has survived all the battles, avoided capture, still held respect for this powerful man who wants him dead. Surely now is the time for David to be crowned the King of Israel.

Not quite.

Some time passes between the death of Saul and the reading today. How much? It doesn't say, only "In the course of time...". David has remained faithful to God, and is asking for His direction. He only moves when God tells him to move, to the place God tells Him to go to. The patience, and trust, that David has in the Lord is inspiring. He has waited and waited. But only when God says to go, does he go.

David is not crowned King of Israel. He becomes the King of Judah. And then there is a war between the Houses of David and Saul.

Some things have gone right. But not completely. David is King. But not over all of Israel. Is David still trusting God? You'd better believe it.

Our life is a journey, and it it through that journey that God is working with us, walking with us, talking with us. David didn't ask God "When am I going to be King?", he asked "Where should I go next?". Looking too far ahead can distract you from what is happening right in front of your eyes. Yes, we are all looking forward to the day when we can leave our homes without restrictions, see our friends and family and give them a big hug. And we are praying for that.

But what about today? Are you asking God for what He wants you to do next? Or for what you want Him to do next?


Heavenly Father, thank you for being with me right here, right now. Please help me to see the world around me, and what you want me to be doing next.


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